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The Railroad Alley Paint Jam is a biannual event that brings Willcox together to paint new murals in the Railroad Alley Artwalk.

Taking place two weekends before the spring and fall Willcox Wine Country festivals, artist submissions are collected until a week before each event, and the winners are chosen to paint their murals.

Paint is supplied by community donations. Artists are encouraged to welcome community members to observe and interact with their work.

The event is led by the Railroad Alley Artwalk planning commission with support from the City of Willcox, the Willcox Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, Willcox Against Substance Abuse, and Willcox Theater and Arts.

Who can submit artwork?
Anyone can submit artwork. Winners will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • The experience of the artist, and the quality, creativity, and originality of their artwork.

  • The residency of the artist. Preference will be given to residents of Willcox and its immediately surrounding areas, followed by residents of the rest of Cochise County, Graham County, and Greenlee County. However, the quality of the artwork will be the ultimate deciding factor.

  • A portion of the winning slots will be reserved for artists under 18 and over 50.

How do I submit?

Deadline for May 9 Paint Jam: May 2nd 

  1. Create 1 to 5 original designs that can be scaled to 10 feet wide by 4 feet tall, then create digital files of the artwork (PDF, JPG, or PNG).

  2. Click here to fill out the application and to upload your designs. Please note you will need a Google Account to upload your files.

  3. We will notify you 1 week in advance of the Paint Jam date if you're a winner.

  4. Be ready to paint your mural on May 9. Each artist will receive a share of donations for paint supplies.

  5. On May 9, your area will be blocked off. Members of the community will be encouraged to watch and photograph you in the process. You can involve them if it makes sense for your piece.

  6. Your mural will be up until the next Paint Jam in October.

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